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How To Setup Your Tangem Wallet

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Here's how you can setup your Tangem Wallet in less than 5 minutes using the Tangem Wallet app.

NOTE: If you haven't yet purchased your Tangem cards, head to the Tangem website and use the code "SS8GMY" to get 10% off your purchase!

1. Head to the App Store & download the Tangem Wallet App.

Navigate To App Store - Tangem Wallet

2. Tap "Scan Card" and hold one of your Tangem Cards up to the back of your phone.

Select Scan Card
Tap Tangem Card on Phone
Tangem Terms & Conditions

3. Choose whether you want to create a seed phrase for your wallet & follow the prompts.

To create your wallet without the seed phrase, tap "Create wallet" and scan your card again. To set your wallet up with a seed phrase, tap "Other options" and follow the prompts.

Choose your set up option
Generate Seed Phrase

Tangem allows you to setup your wallet using just the cards that come with your purchase OR you can choose to add another layer of security by opting for a wallet seed phrase.

You can also import an existing wallet that you already have onto your Tangem Wallet App by using the seed phrase that you previously created.

It's important to note that if you choose the "Generate seed phrase" option, you will need to write it down and store it in a secure place otherwise you can risk losing all of your assets.

4. Register your backup cards.

The next step is to register your backup cards. Backup cards are like an insurance policy against losing your crypto. Adding backup cards to your Tangem Wallet, means you can still access your assets, even if you lose your primary card.

No Backup Tangem Cards Added
1 Tangem backup card added
2 Tangem wallet backup cards added

To register your backup cards, tap "Add a backup card" and follow the prompts until al backup cards are registered.

NOTE: Your primary card is the first card you tapped in order to get to this step. (take note of the number).

5. Create card access code.

Create Tangem Wallet Access Code

NOTE: This code is important and should be treated the same as your banking pin number.

6. Finalise Card Backups.

Once your access code has been created, you'll then be prompted to finalise the backup and will need to scan all 3 cards one more time for about 15 seconds each.

Your primary card is the card that you used first with the Tangem Wallet App.  Like a bank card, each card has it's own unique number and the prompt for this step will tel you which card you need to scan and in what order.

Finalise Tangem Backup Primary Card
Finalise Tangem Backup Card 1
Finalise Tangem Backup Card 2

7. Complete Configuration

Once you've finalised your backups, you'll then be asked if you'd like to enable Face ID. I opted to enable my Face ID as the technology is fairly accurate and is far more convenient than needing to put a pin in each time you access the app.

Tangem Wallet Face ID preference
Tangem Wallet configuration complete
Continue to Tangem wallet default page

After making your Face ID selection, you should see a "Success" page with a prompt to continue to your wallet. This prompt will take you to your default wallet setup where you'll see Bitcoin & Ethereum have already been installed and ready to receive transactions.

Receiving Cryptocurrencies to Your Tangem Wallet

To start receiving cryptocurrencies to your newly set up Tangem Wallet, select the token you wish you to receive to your wallet, click "Receive" and you'll be presented with a public wallet address for that cryptocurrency.

Select the token you want to receive to your tangem wallet
select receive bitcoin to tangem wallet
copy tangem wallet address

On the exchange or wallet you are sending assets from, paste this address in or scan the QR code to nominate your Tangem Wallet as the destination address.

NOTE: Ensure you double check the address is correct before moving your assets as blockchain transactions are immutable and cannot be corrected later.

Adding a Crypto Token to Your Tangem Wallet

To add a crypto token to your Tangem Wallet, select "Manage tokens", search for the token you wish to add and choose from the available networks of that token.

select manage tokens in your tangem wallet
search for token to add to your tangem wallet
save network for new token on your tangem wallet

Once your token and networks are chosen, you'll be prompted to scan one of your Tangem cards to finalise the token wallet. Once the token has been added to your wallet, you will see the newly added token on your assets list.

scan tangem wallet card to add token
Wait for tangem wallet card to finish scanning
Token will show in tangem wallet asset list

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