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How to Cast Meta Quest 3 to TV (Works on Any TV)

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Here’s how to connect a meta quest 3 to a tv in a few simple steps.

If you’re new to the Meta Quest world and you’re excited to start using your device and sharing your VR experiences with others, knowing how to cast on Meta Quest 3 is essential.

As mentioned in some of my previous Meta Quest casting tutorials on YouTube, Meta Quest headsets are unfortunately (at the time of writing this) only compatible with Chromecast devices.

cast meta quest 3 with chromecast devices only

What this means is if your smart TV does not use Chromecast by default, you will need to get an external Chromecast device, which I’ve linked below, in order to be able to cast your device.

Buy Google Cromecast yo cast meta quest 3 on TV

For some reason this small, but very important detail, is not made abundantly clear anywhere on the internet, not even Meta’s website. Which I find a bit frustrating from a general consumer's perspective, but at least there’s a solution available.

And an external Chromecast device is it...

More About Chromecast & Quest 3 Casting

In short, the easiest way to tell if your smart TV uses Chromecast by default is if after following my instructions below you are not able to see "Living Room TV (Chromecast)" as a casting option through your Meta Quest 3 device.

Like this:

Cast meta quest 3 living room TV

Then picking up a Chromecast is next on your to do list.

The upside to buying an external Chromecast device is it gives you the Google experience no matter what television you have. They're also small and compact making them extremely portable. Who knows, you might want to sneak a VR workout in during your travels. 

How to Cast Meta Quest 3 to Your Smart TV

Now for the part we’ve all been waiting for, how to connect Meta Quest 3 to TV.

1. If you’re going the external Chromecast device route, make sure your device is all set up and plugged into the TV.

google chromecast for Meta Quest 3
google chromecast plugged in for Meta Quest 3
google chromecast connected for Meta Quest 3

2. Next you’ll need to turn on your Meta Quest 3 and place it on your head.

put on your meta quest 3

3. Once the system has booted up, click the "Meta" button to display the main menu panel.

Tap this button to cast meta quest 3
main menu will appear to cast meta quest 3

4. Select the pink camera icon from the main menu to reveal the camera menu.

The camera menu will appear containing a range of media options including "Casting", "Take photo", "Record video" or "Go live".

click pink camera Icon to cast meta quest 3
camera menu will appear to cast meta quest 3

5. Select "Casting" from the camera menu to display the casting menu.

The casting menu will show you a selection of casting device options. By default, "Oculus App" & "Computer" are available on the menu but will only work if you have the Meta mobile app or the Oculus desktop browser app open and ready to cast.

click casting to cast meta quest 3
casting menu will appear to cast meta quest 3

If you're using an External Chromecast device as recommended earlier, you'll see "Chromecast HD" as an available option as shown above.

If your TV has Chromecast built in, "Living Room TV" will automatically be an available option as shown earlier in this post.

6. Select your Chromecast device & click next.

From here you’ll either want to select the “Chromecast HD” or “Living Room TV”  option and click "Next". 

Select your cast chromecast device
Click next to cast meta quest 3

Your Meta Quest 3 should start casting to your smart TV instantly.

cast to meta quest 3 successful (2)

To stop casting your Meta Quest 3, simply head back to the casting menu via the little pink camera icon and select “Stop Casting” From the menu.

Stop Cast Meta Quest 3

Final Remarks

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If you’d like to watch my live meta quest 3 unboxing video, click here.

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Thanks so much for swinging by & I’ll see you somewhere soon in the Metaverse!

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